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On our Q&A site you can ask questions, report issues or ask for help.
We will answer them, and help if needed. 
Creating a question

When you create a question you can give a short title to your question and a more detailed description.


  You can create public and private questions.

Only you and the administrators will see the private questions.



You can set the category that fits your question the most.



You can also set a tag to the question to help others find it.


You can search for a question by its status, category, tag or use the search bar to find one by it’s title.

When a question is created it will have Open status icon.


When a question or issue is solved it will have the Resolved status icon.


When we can’t give answers to your question or solve a problem it will have a Closed status icon.

  You can vote to answers if you find them more helpful than others.
You can also subscribe to questions to get notifications in e-mail
when somebody answers or comments to it.
  When an answer is confirmed by the creator or by an administrator

it will be indicated, to help you find the right answer to the question.

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