System Capabilities and Limitations

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Our system consists of three main components
the Server, The Online User Interface and the Clients
See more about: System components.


We are constantly working on new ideas and features.

We are capable of displaying contents on android and on windows devices.
We are also working on a LG Tv application.
See more about: Android clients.
See more about: Windows clients (Under Development)
With our Online Editor Interface you can manage your system and create professional contents easily.
See more about: User Interface.
See more about: Content editor.
We are using modern technologies, so in older browsers some features
may not work as intended.
See more about: Supported browsers.

The server provides a technical background to our system.
It also provides a communication channel between the other components.
See more about: High level overview.
We are also facing some limitations:
See more about: Server prerequisites.
See more about: Android prerequisites.
See more about: Windows prerequisites.

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