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Digital Signage Solutions

We believe we have made a leader solution on the Digital Signage market!

The time of the old billboards and posters is over! Digital adverts and contents attract attention and animations help to engage the audience. Everybody is aware of the importance of the digital appearance. We provide you with the solution!

While creating the solution we analyzed the product of 126 competitors, and we believe that we created something better. Our young team has a vision, that in the future we will be surrounded by screens everywhere: as wallpaper on the wall or built into our table in the restaurant. These screens, like other electronic products are manufactured in the Far-East, but we want to be the system that controls the contents displayed on hundreds of thousands of screens. We are not creating a product for only the 100 richest companies, but one which the smallest companies can afford to buy. Our system is easy-to-use, so users can learn how to use it in a couple of minutes.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the umbrella term for electronic content display and editing. Nowadays it is known for being one of the fastest growing channel of advertising, whereby the range of its use is expanding constantly. CLOUD SIGNAGE is a Digital Signage product and service, which helps users to create, edit, manage and display contents on a lot of screens, projectors and displays.


If you already have a screen mounted on the wall, with a HDMI plug, then you only need a media player, which connects to the internet.


Your player will connect to our server, so from now on you can control your screens from anywhere, anytime. You can send out new contents, modify contents or change any information of data on display from PC.

User Interface

You only have to log in to the user interface from your browser and you can instantly create graphic contents without programming code.

build at your own or enGage Our creative designERS

Library of Our Designs Available for You

Take a look at these gorgeous signage ideas, and find a best match to your business needs. 

What are we better at?

CLOUD SIGNAGE digital signage products and services are better than the others because of the following features

Cloud-based and on-premise use

We provide a cloud-based server service to our partners, however if you need an on-premise installation, the system can work on-premise as well.

Animation of elements

The eyes of your audience are attracted by the luminous screens, but the attention is drawn by motion. Add animated, moving elements to your contents to highlight them to make your communication more effective.

Loops and templates

Contents can have multiple pages which you can connect in a desired order and set sequence individually. Our content templates help you to easily create what you need.

Sensor integration

Would you like to start a particular content when somebody enters your shop or when takes a shoe or a phone off the shelf? What if you could show different contents to men and women? Our solution can help you with that.

Sensor integration

Interactive screens help you to communicate more effectively and raise customer satisfaction. You can utilize your touchscreens to have complete work processes, ordering process or customer satisfaction surveys displayed and used.

Player work in Android and Windows systems.

If you would like to dipslay contents on big screens, then our Android player will be the most cost effective solution. If you want to communicate with your audience on touchscreens, your best option is an all-in-one PC with Windows. It’s your choice and we support you with both.

Drag and drop editor

Our graphic editor allows you to design the content structure, place and resize elements anywhere, anytime with drag and drop and use as many layers as you want, to create irresistible contents. Use your own images and media files or browse in our huge image gallery to create eye-catching and beautiful contents.

Effective and easy-to-use data binding

If you have real time data , price lists, stock information, you can integrate them to your contents and the data generated will be automatically refreshed on your displays.

Success stories


“ We at Al Hayat Businessmen Services consider the TRC Cloud team a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. ”

Abdullah Mousa

Al Hayat Businessmen Services
General Manager

“ The team at TRC Cloud justifiably take pride in consistently meeting and frequently exceeding the standards and expectations of our network of 16 Hotel Schools .. ”

Ahmad Shafiq


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